Hey! I'm Mafalda and I'm from Portugal. I hope you like my tumblr! ^^
If you have any question or you just wanna know a bit about me, don't exitate and send me an ask! <3


Lisa Cimorelli in their cover of Royals (x)

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"What color are trees?"

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Happy late birthday Dani! :) I was busy and didn’t get to put this up in time but here it is. Wow you’re a teenager now so old. You grow up so fast and I think you need to stop growing taller. It’s scary how fast you grow up. You’re an amazing singer and you’re so unique and funny. Thanks for being you Dani! I love you <3 Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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Just finished dance, now grabbing some pinkberry before our meeting! :D

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I screenshot this when I accidentally paused it here lol, so I added captions #myedit #cimorelli #imweird


Cimorelli taking over Hollywire’s Twitter today!